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Meet the ATTES organisers — ALPHA

The ATTES event is being organised by African Port Hub Association (ALPHA), a company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. ALPHA is founded on bedrock of expertise, an extensive communications network and high levels of knowledge and cooperation. The event will provide a chance to find answers to key questions in relation to doing business in Africa today. It will also allow attendees to meet and to network with influential investors and potential business partners, while communicating directly those at the heart of current economic growth on a continent that is witnessing a sea change in terms of its trading outlook.

What ALPHA offers you?

  • Africa's largest business database, covering ports and industries
  • Members and partners cover the entire span of the supply chain market
  • Corporate membership is a one-off fee for a period of two years
  • A vital platform for supply chain professionals
  • Membership is focused on building meaningful business relationships

African Port Hub

Our corporate magazine, available in digital and print

  • An official digital publication of African Logistics Port Hub Association (ALPHA)
  • Distributed globally across all African logistics and transport routes
  • The leading source of business analysis and news trends
  • Advertising in the African Port Hub magazine delivers a carefully-targeted opportunity to reach over 100,000 key decision-makers at competitive rates.

Media partners

ATTES brings together a wide range of industry and business partners using our vision and expertise to reach the heart of the global supply chain market. We welcome the formation of partnerships, all of which will have real potential in Africa.

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