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Exhibit at, join and attend Africa’s largest trade, transport and energy summit to learn and network with leading continental supply chain professionals with a vested interest in building strong and lasting business relationships in Africa

  • Tete, Nacala, Zambezi Valley, Mozambique (Coal)
  • Pemba, Rovuma Basin, Mozambique (Gas)
  • Mtwara, Rovuma Basin, Tanzania (Gas)
  • Solwezi, Lumwana, North West Province, Zambia (Copper)
  • Lake Albert, Uganda (Oil, infrastructure, industrial)
  • Ethiopia (Hydropower)
  • Cameroon, Congo Republic, Gabon, Liberia, Sierra Leone (Iron)
  • Botswana (Coal)
  • Ghana continues to uphold its reputation as one of Africa's few politically stable democracies and it provides foreign investors with the most predictable entry point into West Africa. (Deloitte)
  • Nigeria (Natural gas)
  • Ghana's bauxite exploration
  • Angola's Caculo Cabaca hydropower plant