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Event question

What does ATTES stand for?

Africa's largest Trade, Transport and Energy Summit (ATTES)

What is the objective of the ATTES Summit 2020?

The objective of ATTES is to exhibit to a very wide international audience the potential of Africa’s vast natural resources and commercial potential, country by country, detailing opportunities and pointing the way to profitable operations for investors around the world.

Who will attend the summit?

The ATTES event will be focused on key strategic issues about Africa’s vast energy resources and opens up invaluable opportunities to network, connect and partner with the world’s best and will feature top industry professionals from the world’s leading exporters in Shipping, Energy and Power, Agri Tech, Trade and Industry, Finance and Banking, Construction and Real Estate, Hi tech and Telecommunication, Container Industry, Shipping Lines /Ship Owners and Operators, Agents, Transport and Logistics, Supply Chain and Logistic Services, Port and Terminal Operators, Freight, Forwarders, Consultants, Manufacturers of Shipped Goods, Rail Freight Shippers, Mining and Drilling, Offshore Projects, Oil and Gas, Banking, Ocean Carriers, Engineering Procurement Companies and Air Carriers.

Where will ATTES 2020 takeplace?

Accra International Conference Centre, Castle Road, Accra, Ghana.

What are the benefits of attending the ATTES summit?

By welcoming a targeted audience of more than 3,500 senior level professionals to Accra from all around the world, this highly anticipated summit provides the perfect opportunity for your company to intensively promote your business among potential customers and to network with a motivated audience.

  • Build solid business partnerships with international investors
  • Establish joint ventures with local partners
  • Finalise new business deals with African government departments
  • Connect with distributors, traders, and a build a larger and well-connected client base

Why choose Ghana for the first launch of ATTES?

Ghana, often referred to the ‘jewel of Africa’ is a progressive and stable country which represents the face of the new Africa – a country renowned for its business entrepreneurs and its engagement with world trading partners. Competitive and progressive policies have turned the former Gold Coast into a successful trading nation that clearly demonstrates the huge potential that Africa has to offer astute investors seeking profitable opportunities.

ATTES preparation

Do I need a visa for Ghana to attend ATTES 2020?

Please visit this site to find complete information on visa requirements:

How do I receive a visa invitation to attend ATTES 2020?

You can receive an invitation letter by sending an email requesting your visa letter to: Please note all delegates must request a visa letter separately and must be fully registered.

Is there a visa on arrival programme?

Yes please contact our registration office in Dublin for more information at:

How long can I stay in Ghana with my visa?

The visa on arrival allows investors, exhibitors, participants and speakers to stay in Ghana for a week and throughout the duration of the summit.

Can you help me as an international investor seeking investment all around Africa?

Please follow the registration process which allows you to select countries of interest at:

How do I register a group from an investment promotion agency?

The online registration form allows you to register delegates (as a group) and to add another person included in that registration.

Is there any opportunity to secure a room for my company meeting?

Please note that we have a limited number of meeting rooms available to our exhibitors, sponsoring companies and workshop hosting companies, but you must reserve a meeting room to secure a place. Kindly email us at

Where can I find the floor plan?

The floor plan can be found here at: ( and will be updated as new exhibitors are added on a weekly basis.

Are there social events prior to the kick-off the summit?

There will be an opening gala dinner and a welcome ceremony during the commencement of the summit and more information can be found on the website..

Registration questions

Is there a registration fee to attend ATTES 2020?

Yes there is a registration fee. Please click here:

What is the cost to register for the summit?

ATTES 2020 registrations vary, depending on your choice of registration. For more information click here:

What does the registration fee cover?

The participation fee includes access to the event session presentations and networking opportunities, refreshments and lunch, along with post-conference proceedings. But it does not include the VIP special gala dinner and opening ceremony by the President of Ghana. Full registration includes the VIP gala dinner and access to all exhibitors and sponsors. Promoters are welcome to join the gala special dinner. Please email to confirm your participation for the opening dinner.

Is it possible to register a group?

The online registration form allows you to register delegates as a group and to add another person to the registration. Please click here: if you wish to register a group.

Is it possible to amend my registration details?

Yes it is possible to amend your registration details after submission by following the already registered link here:

Does registration cover hotel and flight?

The registration fees does NOT cover hotel accommodation and travel.

Is it possible to send someone to replace me if am unable to attend?

Yes, you can send someone to replace you at no additional cost. Delegates can be substituted by contacting the registration office via email only at:

Where can I find my delegate ID number? 

You can find your delegate ID number on your registration confirmation email. Please email registration support if you have not received it at


Is there any discount for two or more people attending from the same company?

Yes. Special discounted rates are available for more than three delegates attending from the same company. Please email the registration office for more information at:

I am an invited speaker. Do you offer discounts to speakers?

Yes, we offer discounted rates for speakers. See the registration rates here at: for more information

Are there discounts with airlines travelling to the summit?

Yes. Ethiopian Airlines are the official sponsors and offer a 15% discount for all delegates flying with that airline.


I am an exhibitor. When can I deliver my exhibition items?

All exhibitors’ items must be delivered by 10 a.m. on Monday 17 February, from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please see information below about exhibitors moving in

Move-in: Monday 17 February, 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

I am an exhibitor. How can I ship my exhibition materials to Ghana?

For inquires about shipping and handling of exhibition materials to Ghana, please contact the approved companies below.

Please note: ATTES management will NOT be responsible for any agreement to handle and export back exhibition materials.

Company Name: Carloking Services
Company contact person:  ValentinaAsare
Position:Customer Services Manager
Phone: +233202633200
Company address: 101/103 Vertical Court, Behind Rotary Club, Omm. 5 Tema – Ghana.
Company Name: Logical Maritime Services Limited
Contact person: Jacob Seddoh
Position: Overseas Manager
Phone: +233 241 976 370
Address: Near Lighthouse Chapel International, Cornerstone Cathedral Community 8, Tema – Ghana,

Who are the event organisers?

The event organisers can be found here:

As an exhibitor, how many passes do we receive? Do we need to register exhibition personnel separately from the main registration site?

All exhibitors will receive ten free exhibition hall passes. For more information please visit:


Are there sponsorship opportunities available at ATTES 2020?

There are various sponsorship opportunities still available at ATTES 2020. For more information, please click HERE:

Who are the sponsors?

ATTES 2020 sponsors are top industry professionals from the world’s leading exporters in Energy and Power, Agri Tech, Trade and industry, Finance and Banking, Construction and Real Estate, Hi tech and Telecommunication, Container Industry, Shipping Lines / Ship Owners and Operators / Agents, Transport and Logistics, Supply Chain and Logistic Services, Port and Terminal Operators, Freight Forwarders, Consultants, Manufacturers of Shipped Goods, Rail Freight, Shippers, Mining and Drilling, Offshore Projects, Oil and Gas, Banking, Ocean Carriers, Engineering Procurement Companies, Air Carriers and other diverse stakeholders. For more information visit the sponsor and exhibition section at:

I am a sponsor and I need to know when and where to send my banners and other promotional items

Banners and other promotional materials should be sent to:, once contract is signed.

Hotel reservation

How can I make a hotel reservation?

To make a hotel booking, please go to:

Are there discounts with host hotels?

Yes, discounts are available for all ATTES registered hotels.


Is it possible to host a workshop?

Whether you want to pitch, present your brand, host a workshop, find new business partners or promote your brand to specialised audience, ATTES 2020 features various workshop programmes. Please click HERE for more information:

Are there separate fees to attend particular workshops?

If you are registered fully for the three-day programme, no additional fees are required to attend any summit or workshop hosted by any company.


I wish to become a media partner for ATTES 2020. How do I get more information?

There are various ways you can become a media partner for ATTES 2020. You can list ATTES in your organisation events calendar page and promote ATTES or issue a press release about ATTES and in return we will have your logo listed on the event media partner page. For more information please visit here:


How can I brand my company on the summit?

ATTES 2020 will showcase various marketing sponsorships available for your company/organisation to be promoted. Please click HERE for more information:

ATTES 2020

Will there be further ATTES summits in the future?

Yes, there will be ATTES 2020 and information shall be made available in due course on our website and will announced during this year’s summit in Ghana.

What is the location for ATTES 2020?

The location for ATTES 2020 is Singapore.


How can I pay for my registration? 

You can make payment by credit/debit card or bank transfer. We also accept payment with Credit / Debit Card, AMEX, MASTERCARD and VISA (Drawn in Euros).

Cancellations and refunds

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

ATTES cancellation and substitutions are accepted at any time. For more information please click here:


Do you have an event app dedicated for ATTES summit?

We are currently developing this tool and will notify all delegates once completed.

How do I attract particular clients to the summit?

On the online registration, tell us who you would like to see and we will do the match-making and book meetings accordingly. Please register here at:( to avail this opportunity.

Are there speaking opportunities for ATTES 2020?

Yes. Please visit the speakers’ section by clicking here: and complete the inquiry form to speak and will notify you of available speaking spots.

What do I do if none of my questions were covered?

Please e-mail us at, if you cannot find the answer to your questions.

Will there be transport available between the hotel and the airport?

There will be hotel airport transfers. Please ask your hotel and each hotel should provide venue transfers back to the hotels.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

  • For general registration enquiries, including invoice and payment enquiries send an email to:
  • Customer Service Hours of Operations: Monday – Friday, 09:30 – 17:30 (GMT).