Reasons to attend

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Top reasons to attend

  • Build direct connections across Africa while remaining under the same roof.
  • Direct access to global investors with specific interests in Africa.
  • Hold bilateral meetings with global companies seeking international partners.
  • Your opportunity to launch new operations that will be seen by all.
  • Top government officials from various Africa nations providing their expertise.
  • Your chance to identify emerging investment trends, opportunities and risks.
  • Companies looking to establish new ventures and operation throughout Africa.
  • Meet government officials, ministers of trade and industries as well as policymakers.

A truly global audience opening up a compelling dialogue about doing business on the continent of Africa

The continent of Africa’s largest exhibition of Trade, Infrastructure, and Investment (ATTES) in Ghana will provide an unrivalled platform to showcase your products and services while rubbing shoulders with the rest of the world already active in Africa or those seeking to establish a new foothold on this challenging but rewarding continent.