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Exhibitions zoning in on €200 million worth of
investment opportunities

This special conference is designed to change attitudes and point the way forward to success in the years ahead, working side-by-side on the ground with acknowledged experts — people who know their business and are fully tuned into the enormous challenges of this vital continent … people that can help you to discover a bright future as you contribute to Africa’s economic development and the development of the continent’s infrastructural potential. This is your chance to transform your knowledge of a vast continent that is proving to be a voice of the future in terms of global business influence and opportunity.


African government delegates, representing every economic sector.


world speakers, providing a balanced and authoritative insight into the realities of doing business in Africa today.


displays focusing on profitable investment hotspots all around Africa. See African business initiatives presented with authority and conviction as you have never seen them before.


exhibitors showcasing their business competitiveness. This is the cream of the crop – the people in the know who have their fingers on the pulse of future development.

Highlights of ATTES 2020


detailed business initiatives and joint ventures partnerships. Open your eyes to the real opportunities.


distinguished foreign investors and partners. ATTES will feature the ‘movers and shakers’ from around the world who have inside knowledge of the unique challenges in achieving business success of the continent of Africa and who are willing to share their experiences.


attendees from all around the globe. With so much attention currently focused on the African continent there will be over 2,000 attendees in Ghana eager to get a genuine insight into opportunities across the entire business spectrum. This presents an amazing opportunity to share knowledge with like-minded people concentrated on a common purpose.

The only summit to fully showcase the continent of Africa’s true trading potential

The first-ever African Trade, Transport and Energy Summit (ATTES) hosted in Accra, Ghana, in 2020 will cover operations over the entire continent of Africa and will feature high-level speakers and exhibitors who will showcase investment opportunities while providing business matchmaking services with high-level executives and government officials. To that end, the conference will zero-in on the trade development marketplace, the development of joint ventures and investment hotspots. All of this will include:

  • Gala dinner and opening ceremony
  • A strategic conference section
  • African projects and tenders display section
  • Trade and investment pavilions
  • Networking and strategy sections
  • International business conference areas
  • Global exhibitions
  • Trade and transport hub
  • Business introductions and matchmaking
  • Chinese pavilion
  • Europe pavilion
  • American pavilion
  • Indian pavilion
  • Russian pavilion
  • World pavilion
  • Middle East Pavilion